Black Holes

April 17th, 2014

Guest Post:

Kerby Kuek Chinese Daoism Metaphysic Research Center


 The primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe

The Cosmos and Mother-Earth are evolving Dao. The route is like the rotation of the sun and moon. The practitioners of Dao should understand the concept of the cycle to further understand the creation of the soul.

Through the observation of our inner self, we should know that it is our lust, desire, greed, etc that leads us to unbalance. For example, Lust is as huge as the sea; it can never be satisfied completely, and chasing it contributes to three poisons, in particular – tension, confusion and indulgence.

Consequently, the origin of Dao is similar to where water and mountain originated. For example, in relation to the physical form, such as in a person, the origin of Dao is just like from a mother’s womb, beyond that is “emptiness” and “quietness.”

That is why “emptiness” and “quietness” are so critical in the Dao practice. It is important to set our soul pure and free and let “quietness” take charge; search and seek our origins, end our soul and return to origin. Most importantly, it is vital that we take the right steps to cultivate our spirit and heart through our body, while we still have our temple.

Incidentally, I have written at great length about the origin of Dao in my book Dao De Ching Explained. Most Neidan books (Inner Alchemy) treat this 0 as the origin of soul and the wisdom of body. Ending soul and returning to the origin of Dao is returning to Wu Ji. Practicing Dao is that simple for the quiet mind.

Nothing on Earth is permanent and all creations are dependent on the life cycle of growth, maturity and decomposition. What goes up will eventually come down and whoever is born will die one day; as below so above. To break this life cycle, one has to attain a state of higher self; all human beings who turned into sages and deities are good examples of this unique achievement.

Inner state with the right action leads to an ethical sphere that leads to this metaphysical transition. Dao is present in the spirited souls of all living beings and it can be cultivated through goodness.

All things embrace Dao and if we observe such a state we will discover that the world of formation is derived from formless, and we should know by now that formless is actually Dao. When we reflect, we discover that creation and destruction are part of “The Way”.

Thus, both the black hole and Big Bang theories are excellent examples of what Lao Tzu is trying to tell us in his ancient scripture Dao De Ching from “nothingness to somethingness” and revert from “form to formless.”

Thought of the week: S/he who does not trust enough, will not be trusted – Lao Tzu



MetaPhysics and Aristotle

April 13th, 2014


Alternative Outfitters

March 29th, 2014

Recently, I visited a great Vegan Boutique. It is hidden away in a town I love, Pasadena. Looking around, it’s really the perfect buy for the cruelty-free animal conscious. Incidentally, I can remember years ago I sold most of my leather to become friendlier to the cause. Therefore, walking through, I was pleased to see and feel so many quality items…from belts, wallets, shoes, purses, key chains, and the colors were of a great variety.

In fact, I initially picked up this blue faux leather jacket.

However, I eventually exchanged it for a black one that has faux fur collar lining. Why, well, because, outside of my Yoga’ gear and beach wear, I’m conservative when it comes to my dressing and felt I could wear my black one with more outfits?And, petite women,such as myself-I am only 5 foot 1′ a size 5-and size 8 jacket, have to pay attention to the cut of clothing. But, I’m starting to lighten up…as I allow myself to have more fun.

Consequently, when I did return to the showroom to exchange my buy, I didn’t receive any problems from the two hosts. In fact, they both were very considerate and accommodated my request. I plan to return to further mix and build my current wardrobe with animal-friendly items.


Fat Tuesday

March 5th, 2014

Per your request, growing up I celebrated numerous Carnivals. I can remember it being a time of Freedom, Dancing, and Eating yummy foods. As a youth in Mobile Alabama, where the First Mardi Gras began, I was always so Excited to stand and watch the floats go by. As an adult, I can still appreciate this time of year. One of my favorite things includes listening to the Live Music that the artists play to express themselves. Consequently, I love Zydeco. And, it was playing in Full bLast last-night at the Grove Farmers Market. This event has been ongoing for 25 years now. There were tons of people dancing and eating…just having fun. The energy was contagious!

Mardi Gras 2014 Farmers Market

Mardi Gras 2014 Farmers Market

Incidentally, Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. And, I explain to my children that Mardi Gras, especially Fat Tuesday, is a time to sync our family traditions that are influenced via Catholicism, “French celebrations, African-based music and the masquerade tradition. As I mentioned, in an earlier post, I am pagan and celebrate Ostara for this time of year, which is basically in preparation for Vernal Equinox; as opposed to preparing for Lent and Easter. However, I can securely say all can agree that this season of year is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. Consequently, Easter gets its name from the Goddess Ostara and or Eostre. And, though that occurrence is not within the scope of this post, it is important to mention this information. Thus, I basically sync the “celebration” of Mardi Gras with the preparation of Spring, the return of the Sun…after the long slumber of Winter.

Nevertheless, while at Farmers Market I always like to indulge in The Gumbo Pot eatery. The gumbo and beignets are always so fresh. And, o’ my goodness, the peach cobbler is excellent.

There is a known legend that entails the strength of a woman. She is  Mother Yemanja.

This weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing her in glory; it was though a Nature walk. 

Incidentally, the experience was organized with the help of the Los Angeles & Santa Monica Bay Audubon Societies.

The guide, Stacey Vigellon, a biologist and coordinator, loaned us all a great pair of binoculars and then led a walk that pointed out bouncing dolphins flipping through the air, pelicans slamming into the ocean, and a nearly extent bird known as the Snowy Plover. According to the Los Angeles Audubon Society, Western Snowy Plovers used to nest on beaches throughout Los Angeles County, but removal of their food source by frequent beach grooming and disturbances from development and recreation has greatly impacted their ability to nest in these areas.  In fact, there have been no recorded nests in Los Angeles County since the late 1940’s. Today, the Western Snowy Plover is listed as a Federally Threatened Species.

It was something to see. There were tons of little birds hopping all through the sand. One would hardly notice as they lay there enjoying the sun.  Plovers spend most of their time eating small invertebrates that help decompose the seaweed.

 Beach groomer operators on Zuma can’t see the Snowies while they remove the wrack, their food source (photo credit. A. Albaisa 3/16/09)

The venue was  the beautiful Annenberg Community Beach House. It is located directly on Santa Monica Bay.  The original structure was built in the 1920’s by William Randolph Hearst, with the help of architect Julia Morgan, for actress Marion Davies. The current design looks like beautiful public art.  I’ve enjoyed numerous events at the beach house; it’s a great stretch of water to enjoy. Connected to the house are a café, play area, and pool. They’ve even built a long walk way that extends to middle of the sand. This comes in handy on days when the crystals beneath your feet have heat up from the sun.

Since its 1920 opening the property has turned from a private residence to public space. In 1959, the area was sold to the State of California. Consequently, the Annenberg Foundation provided a $27.5 million grant that helped with the site’s rehabilitation. The current site setup opened to the public as the Annenberg Community Beach House on April 25, 2009. There is no membership required in order to enjoy the Beach House. We had a great day.


SunWorshiping in Manhattan

December 27th, 2013

On Xmas day my loved ones and I went Worshiping on the beach. I mean, really there was no better place to be! It was beautiful and relaxing. For hours I dove my thoughts into the ocean.

I felt so welcomed…

The water was ice-cold. But, the weather was perfect.

The Manhattan Pier looked great all dressed in lights.

We even stayed to watch a wonderful sunset…

Tis the Season of the Sun…Have a safe Holiday.

The Magick of Yule

December 15th, 2013

Shaman Yule Tree

I spent time exploring The Grove’s Magic Snow. The whole event of blowing snow into the promenade and onto those walking by as they shopped started back in 2001. It was an experience. The whole promenade was set up like a little village town  in the snow. However, the best discovery was  a colorful dessert shop that serves Vegan cupcakes; no eggs. It was so delicious. I had a coconut chocolate cupcake. The place is called Zia Valentina. It reminds me of my other Favorite place, BabyCakes. I Love the desserts there. They are Gluten-free,Wheat free, Soy-free   Dairy-free, Egg-free,Vegan and Kosher!


The myth of Santa dashing through the snow…

Earlier today I was in Santa Monica.  This lady wished us all kind of happy holidays. I just smiled and announced, “we celebrate the SUN, Winter Solstice.” Ha, she said, “That’s even better.”

Amazon Best Seller: Isis Tantra

November 25th, 2013

On this Thanksgiving I would like to extend gratitude to those that have supported my book thus far. Within the past 5 days, it has made the Amazon Best Seller’s  List! Thank you kindly.

Amazon Best Sellers- Best Women in Politics 2013

Morning Bliss…

October 27th, 2013

Today I went to Temple. It was so nice to be surrounded by a community that welcomes compassion and wisdom into their teachings. As I entered the Shrine…I noticed a beautiful Japanese garden amidst the thick fog. It was so peaceful. The temple is led by a Jodo Shinshu (Pure-Land Buddhism) minister, Rev. Usuki. He was born in Kagoshima, Japan. I appreciated his words so much today in regard to practicing loving-kindness towards self before extending it to others. It is important not to forget self. The best thing one can do is be kind to themselves, be gentle, and push forth…Whenever I read or hear Rev. Fumiaki Usuki messages it just brings it all back down to the reason(s) to live in the here and now; avoid the suffering of thinking of yesterday or what tomorrow will bring.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment-Buddha

I also like his comment on a question posed to him by a student. “Do you practice vegetarianism?  “Vegetarianism is a misconception in my belief. It was introduced only around 200 years ago and was not part of what Sakyamuni Buddha taught or practiced 2,6000 years ago. We can not live without something being killed or taken, even plants and vegetables. So vegetarianism is an ideal way for one to be mindful of life.”


Thank you Kindly…

October 24th, 2013

I wanted to extend a Thank You Kindly to one of the best people I welcome to know, cousin Susan. She always has been so gracious and supportive.  I wish her well.  My family Loves her, as do I. This is my dedication to you.

Incidentally, her father, Edwin L. Jefferson, was the first “black” Justice appointed to the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District in Division Four. Every time I share this history with my children they feel so excited. Hearing stories of their ancestors really instill a lot of drive in the children. They imagine anything to be possible, as they should. Jocque even said that he wants to be “President,” but, Lourdes tells him that he will have to wait, because she will be first! Out of the mouths of babes…